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Cam’s Lifetime of Devotion to Smokey Robinson’s Music

Cam’s Lifetime of Devotion to Smokey Robinson’s Music

CMT Crossroads Airs March 28 at 10 p.m. ET

When Cam and Smokey Robinson collaborated live on the all-new CMT Crossroads, Cam shared the spotlight with an American music icon who wrote some of the most recognizable hits on the planet.

Backstage after the show, Cam admitted she felt slightly nervous leading up to their performance, but it would be wrong to not feel a little anxious singing Motown’s most popular hits with the person who wrote them.

Still, after decades onstage, Robinson himself gets nervous before every performance. “You don’t ever know for sure [how it will go] really until you go out there and do it,” Robinson said of his Crossroads concert with Cam. “I felt pretty confident because I know not only is this woman a great songwriter, she’s a great singer. I just have to get myself together so she would be too good. But this is a great woman, and she’s a great person. That makes it so much easier, and I think we blend better when we feel like that about somebody.”

Cam added Robinson’s engaging personality put her at ease immediately.

“I have to say I canceled another show to be here,” she said. “That’s how bad I wanted to be here, and I’m so excited to be here. Knowing that he is him, I was definitely intimidated/terrified to do this, but what can you do? You love music, and you’re not going to turn it down. And singing with him, he’s such an easy person to be around.

“He’s full of stories, too. hanging out and then all of a sudden, he’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah, that song I got as a tape from Stevie Wonder at a Christmas party one time.’ And you’re thinking, ‘What?’ Then he’ll say, ‘Marvin Gaye? He lived around the corner from me.’ He’s such an easy person to be around, and so it helps with the nerves for sure. But if you don’t have nerves getting onstage, I think you probably should get out.”

The concert special premieres on March 28 at 10 p.m. ET.

Boy with autism stuns shoppers with soulful rendition of Smokey Robinson tune


A 10-year-old boy with autism left shoppers shocked as he belted out a soulful rendition of Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You.”

“He did not realize how good he was until he saw the video,” his mother, Tupney Courtney, 34, of Essex, England, told SWNS. “He said, ‘Mum, I’m actually really good.”

Calum Courtney, 10, is especially talented in music because of his autism, his mom said.

“He taught himself to play the drums when he was 18 months old,” Courtney explained. “He loves how it feels and hearing the sound of his voice when he sings.”

Because he also has a difficult time understanding social boundaries, Calum doesn’t get nervous when performing in front of crowds.

His mom said shoppers did not even realize it was Calum singing when he burst into song.

“The more people, the better for Calum when he is performing,” his mom said. “He has no nerves. If there’s an audience, if there’s anybody from one to 100 people to sing in front of he loves it. He just loves to sing.”

The video, which quickly went viral after his aunt posted it to Facebook, has been seen more than a million times and has even captured the attention of a music producer who discussed featuring Calum in a charity album.

“We describe his autism to him as a superpower, it may take a little from other areas of life but it’s given him the superpower of music.”

Smokey Signs With APA Talent Agency 


Smokey Robinson, the legendary singer, songwriter, Motown record producer and executive, has signed with talent agency APA for representation across all services worldwide.Robinson, born William Robinson, Jr., began his musical career as the lead singer and frontman of “The Miracles,” which produced several Top 40 hits including “My Girl,” “Tears of a Clown,” and “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me.” In 1972, Robinson exited the group to launch a solo career. His own hits include songs like “Cruisin’” and “Being With You.” In 1983, Robinson received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, won a Grammy for his song “Just to See Her,” and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Miracles also received a star in 2009.Robinson is also credited with contributing to the success of Motown and “The Miracles” was the first act signed by the record company. Robinson later became vice president of the company and is responsible for discovering Diana Ross.Recently, Robinson  released several standard albums like “Timeless,” “Now and Then,” and “Smokey and Friends;” released his first-ever solo Christmas album, “Christmas Everyday,” as an Amazon exclusive on November 11; and currently serves as executive music producer on the new Motown-themed original animated children’s series, “Melodia,” for Netflix. In 2006, Robinson was awarded the Kennedy Center Honor for his lifetime of contributions to American culture.